The name GreenDog evolved from the love of dogs and gardening. If we could we would be playing with dogs and with soil all day long with a permanent smile on our faces! There is something humbling about the earth and the look in a dog’s eyes. The feel of dirt on your hands and the slobbery lick of a dog has no description except for the gentle tug on our souls.

Throughout times with all the differences, all the isolation, the fear, the uncertainty, and the hurt we may have felt there is an echo that repeats itself over and over again—WE ARE THE SAME. We are human beings with our own uniqueness but at the core we are all Homo sapiens.

The name GreenDog has gotten a new meaning.  A green dog does not exist but we feel this represents every dog—every canine. No breed characteristics, no pre conceived notions—just a canine.

We would like to help you and your dog have a relationship that isn’t defined by just good dog or great dog but all the dog’s parts. Acceptance and understanding of the individual dog leads to the building of a phenomenal relationship. Obedient, good, bad, dominant, great, sweet, shy, and many more words used should not be the sole description of our unique dogs. These words are used to define a moment in time, they are abstract, and so very very hard to live by. What if we had to be good or great all the time? Or if we were always described and labeled as shy or angry? How tiring and what pressure we would be under!!! These descriptions are pieces and parts of a total canine but not the whole dog. They are unrealistic expectations and inaccurate descriptions.

There is just so much more! Let us help you find the place for you and your dog, or cat, or cow, or chicken or any learner to connect and learn without fear or pain.

Coexistence is the incorporation of each species acknowledging and thriving with each other. Understanding can lead to success and a happy life long partnership.

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